Terms & Conditions


About ANVA

We are a full-service IT supplier founded in 1975 in the field of software and support for the entire insurance market. Our software supports efficient insurance processes, optimal business operations and sustainable customer relationships. It was and still is developed in collaboration with our customers and with maximum connectivity for our partners’ solutions in the ANVA Hub ecosystem. We create added value for you and your customers through innovation and collaboration.

About the ANVA Developer Portal

The website https://developers.anva.nl is the online marketplace where our customers can obtain Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and its technical information for developers. Our APIs enable you to retrieve data from, and send data to ANVA software applications through our ANVA Hub Insurance cloud platform.

Terms & Conditions for using the ANVA Developer Portal and APIs

Applicability of these Terms and Conditions

The Developer Portal and any APIs and related documentation and data obtained from it are made available exclusively to our customers. This includes any third party specifically engaged as an external contractor for software development purposes by our customer.

These terms and conditions apply in addition to the existing customer agreement that you already have with ANVA, or, if you are external contractor, that your client has with ANVA. In case of conflict between a clause of the existing agreement and a clause of these Terms and Condutions, the latter clause will take precedence. However, should any clause of these Terms and Conditions be held invalid or unenforceable, the corresponding clause of the existing agreement applies.

Both you and (if applicable) the ANVA customer that you are working for are responsible and can be held accountable for the use of the Developers Portal and the APIs in accordance with the the applicable agreement and these terms and conditions.

By using the Developer Portal and related materials you declare that you are, or are engaged by, a customer of ANVA and that you agree to these terms and conditions in addition to those of the applicable ANVA agreement.

Purpose; technical skills required

With the ANVA Developer Portal, we strive to offer an easily accessible, low complexity technical linkage platform that enhances system and services integration within the insurance, underwriting (MGA) and financial advisory work field.

ANVAs APIs may be used by technically skilled engineers only, and only for the purpose of providing seamless insurance software integrations based on our standardised ANVA Hub Insurance cloud platform.

Fair Use Policy

A fair use policy is applicable to the use of ANVA APIs. You will refrain from any use and from developing and using any software that may jeopardise our systems’ and servers’ capacity, availability, or connectivity. Any use in conflict with the law and/or  agreements with ANVA are prohibited. Customers of ANVA are allowed to make use of our APIs. Third parties are only allowed to use our APIs on behalf of our customers by direct order. Use of our APIs is restricted for third parties that don’t offer insurance market related solutions and/or that are located outside of countries to which ANVA delivers solutions to its customers.

ANVA has the right to limit the number of requests sent by ANVA APIs to your systems or responses to requests from your systems at any time and without a prior notification. Access limitations, blocking of APIs and ANVA Developers Portal shut down may be applied without prior notice if deemed necessary by ANVA.

No support

ANVA does not offer any support on any of the available items, content and technical solutions of the ANVA Developer Portal, unless and to the extent  provided for in your ANVA software agreement.

Intellectual property rights

You are reminded that ANVA B.V. and/or its licensor(s) retain the full intellectual property of the ANVA Developer Portal and all its contents, all of which is considered ANVA confidential information not to be disclosed to any third party. Furthermore, you are not allowed to copy, change, spread, publish, reverse engineer, decompile or create derivative work of software, documentation and other content, solutions, parts and technical components that may be found in the Developer Portal. The above is without prejudice to any software and other materials created independently by you or your intellectual property rights thereof, which will remain with you.

Liabilities & Risk

The use of ANVA APIs is entirely at your own risk. You acknowledge that improper use of APIs may negatively affect data integrity and/or systems availability. Furthermore, ANVA supplies its APIs as is and as available, without any warranties. ANVA cannot be held responsible or liable for any claims in relation to the use or (un)availability of an API, and you will indemnify ANVA from any such claims by third parties.

Updates and withdrawal of APIs and other ANVA software components

ANVA may update or withdraw an API or another ANVA software component at any time without notice. In case an API and/or any other ANVA software component is updated or withdrawn, it may happen that a solution built to interact with such API or software component will cease to function properly. ANVA cannot be held responsible or liable for any such loss of functionality or other inconveniences resulting from an update or withdrawal of any software component and you will indemnify ANVA from any related claims by third parties.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions

ANVA is continuously developing the APIs and the Developer Portal and may from time to timechange and update the Terms & Conditions accordingly without notice. You are encouraged to check these on a regular basis.

Questions and feedback

Do contact ANVA by using the displayed contact details on the ANVA Developer portal when having general questions or feedback. Enjoy using ANVA APi’s!